Erin is a photographer and film maker, DEDICATED TO TELLING YOUR STORY THROUGH EMOTIONAL, BEAUTIFUL imagery 


In my thirty seven some odd years on the planet, I've seen some amazing, beautiful things. The smile of the man at the end of aisle waiting for me to start our story together. The elation of a warm, wet and precious little human being placed on my stomach for the first time. For me, it's the little nuances that are full of emotion and that I don't want to forget. The details burned into my memory. Years from now, remembering the feeling of the sun's warmth on my face. Watching the pure joy of my kids playing that makes my breath catch. The thump of small feet running down the hallway. The soft feel of the hair behind my son's ear or the way my daughters get so lost in their imaginations that the world fades away.

My heart

I'm not your typical portrait photographer. I like relaxed, real, emotive images. Details. Textures. Connections.

I bring with me years of experience behind the camera. Waiting on the decisive moment. Seeing the vision paired with the beautiful light. It's all important when capturing your memories. 

My Approach

My goal is creating beautiful heirlooms that you family will treasure for years. Tangible prints you can hold in your hand or a video you can play over and over and over. 

Let's get started!

My mission

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I WAS RAISED IN Florida - AND the military currently has us in Missouri.
Here are some of the other places the army had sent us.