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The experience. I walk with you every step of the way. Together we plan the session. I give you tips on how to prepare and what to wear. The day of the shoot is laid back and easy going. I want to capture your moments not the posed smiles. I also want you to be thrilled at the archival quality artwork your family gets to enjoy for years to come. 

01. why should i choose you as my photographer?

It's easier to describe what it is not. It's not posed. It's not directed. It's certainly not Pinterest-worthy. Toys on the floor and laundry on the bed is more like it. Documentary lifestyle photography is just that. It documents. It captures little details and sweet moments that you get to experience every day but might forget a couple of years from now. Those mundane everyday moments are priceless in the larger story of your family. 

02. what is a Documentary lifestyle session?

Nothing captures emotion and stirs the soul like moving images set to music. When you close your eyes and try to remember that perfect afternoon or that sweet moment nursing your baby that you know you will forget some day as pieces of it fall away from your memory over time. Film captures that feeling and relives those moments in a way still photography can not. They are so much fun to watch over and over again. 

03. why make a film session?