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It’s important to remember the past with those who shaped it and to pass that priceless heritage along to your own children.

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Moving Sucks

Yes, we've moved. We are going to miss our Clarksville friends immensely. In fact, Austin's face captures the collective emotion of the family leaving Tennessee. But alas, we are now in Missouri and settling in.


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He Is Risen.

It is always humbling and awe-inspiring to reflect on how the Lord has provided for us...and me personally, over the years. I am in no way worthy of the grace and forgiveness He bestows upon me time and time again and yet ... He does. He always does.

CC Day

We always get there early. The calm before the storm. We are going to miss our CC family here for sure.

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Just Them

I'm terrible about shooting in the winter. Terrible. I realized the other day that, besides the video I shot, I have not picked up my camera for personal stuff at all this month.  Oh, I had it on the to-do list but it kept getting pushed by other things. I always have big photography plans at the beginning of the year and they almost never happen.

Ugh. Terrible.

So here are all four of my children. In the doorway. Under strong protest from everyone except Kenny. She still loves doing the photographer-kid thing. And no, Austin wouldn't look at the camera. Yay for checking off boxes!

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