Change happens

If you are not a photographer, this blog post might not interest you.

Here goes. I have jumped ship. I have always been a Canon girl. From the very beginning, waaaaay back when it was a Rebel, then a Mark II, then Mark III, then Mark IV…you get the picture. I had also invested heavily in Canon glass with six L lenses.

I sold it all. All of it.

And bought something I swore I never would. A Sony. Specifically an Alpha 7r III paired with Zeiss 35 1.4 and 50 1.4 lenses. It was hard to turn from all I have ever really known as a photographer and learn a new system. I’m still learning. I’ll hit a button that used to be where something else was on my Mark IV all the time. It feels smaller in my hand but it is lighter which was kind of the appeal while trekking across Europe. I have to say that the resolution is AMAZING. It truly is. I will pixel peep and it is never, ever not tack sharp. That was something that was beginning to bug me with my Canon gear. I would nail the focus but sometimes it was only acceptable. I had evolved as an artist and my standards were different. The technology had evolved and I wanted to go with it.

I will always love you Canon. It’s not you, it’s me.

This was the last frame I took with my beloved 5D Mark IV.

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